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(metals and industrial minerals)


Chromite is not especially exciting to look at, but it is important to our daily lives as the number one mineral source of chromium. Chromite is a dark grey to black mineral made up of chromium, iron and oxygen. The chromium that is extracted from chromite minerals is used to make chrome plating and to create industrial alloys. Its hardness and resistance to corrosion make it one of the most important industrial metals used today, and it cannot be replaced with other materials.

Chromite in daily life

You don’t have to look far to spot chromium. In addition to its industrial uses, this metal is used to make stainless steel. This combination of steel and chromium makes metals that are durable and can withstand high temperatures. You can find it in your pots and pans, most flatware and many kitchen appliances. These same properties make stainless steel excellent for use in food processing equipment and medical and dental tools. Chromium is also used in glass, glazes and paint as a pigment and in processing leather.