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(metals and industrial minerals)


Roman Pilar

During the time of the Roman Empire, Cyprus was a main source for mining copper with the cities of Amathous, Tamassoss, and Soli being the most important for mining. Chalcopyrite was extensively mined by the Romans in the well-preserved mining site located near Soli, Skouriotissa

Copper wires

Copper was extensively mined in the Roman Era in Cyprus and as a result the name copper comes from the Greek word “Kyprios" meaning Cypriot.

Copper is a very versatile material however the major applications of copper are in electrical wires (60%) roofing and plumbing (20%) and industrial machinery (15%). Pure copper is soft and malleable so when a higher hardness is required it is combined with other elements to make an alloy (5% of total use) such as brass and bronze.